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100% you barely feel a thing. For those who are scared of tattoo pain this is unreal. I myself am not bothered by tattoo pain but this time, I was nervous and bought it. I did a cover-up over an area that had been tattoo laser removed 8x .
Honest truthful review: Not only did I only feel pressure during my tattoo, my ankle was completely numb for hours . This product is Amazing.

Sara O’Donnell

Had my inner bicep tattooed and could have slept through the whole thing. I’ve had many tattoos without numbing cream but never again. Only thing to note is I applied more to a separate location while finishing up the inner bicep and it didn’t work very well, my artist said I probably metabolized it faster since I had already been under the needle for a while. If you’re on the fence, do it! You will not regret it!

Brian Scobie
Works for a while

Used for a piece on my calf and shin. Used 2 tubes and it lasted for roughly 3 hours so for around half of the session. If getting in a painful area then would probably try again only gripe is that it is expensive.

Mary Lamarre
Great product!

I was so happy to have this for a 4 hr tattoo session - worked like a charm!

David Carter
Girlfriend cant take it

Best so far...

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