Auriga Auriderm XO Cream 2.5 fl oz

Auriga International


  • Producer: Auriga International
  • Size: 2.5 fl oz (75 ml)
  • Origin: Belgium
  • Treatment: Bruises, Post-injection and post-surgery
  • Auriderm® XO cream has been specially formulated to accelerate the disappearance of bruises after a knock or a fall, but also following cosmetic and surgical procedures. 
  • Through a technology of nanosomes containing vitamin K oxide, vitamin C and vitamin E, which optimise the results, Auriderm® XO cream treats the various factors participating in the formation of these bruises. 
  • Vitamin K oxide reduces the time of disappearance of bruises.
  • In addition to its action on bruises, Auriderm® XO cream acts against redness of vascular origin such as rosacea, purpura, etc. 
  • Designed for Post-injection and post-surgery treatment

      In order to avoid bruises, apply Auriderm® XO cream immediately after a knock or a fall and renew the application several times over the day.
      If the bruise is already formed, apply Auriderm® XO cream in a thin layer twice a day, morning and evening.
      Massage lightly until the cream penetrates.

      Do not apply the product directly to wounds or to the mucous membranes.
      Avoid exposure to the sun after application.

        • Vitamin K oxide: strengthens the walls of the blood vessels by limiting their tendency to fragment.
        • Vitamins C and E: slow down the transformation of the ferrous iron (soluble) responsible for the blue colour into ferric iron (insoluble).
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