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Paula Rasmussen
Wonderful probiotic!

Takes a while to get to the US but the wait is worth it! This is a wonderful product! I take one tablet daily in addition to making a yogurt superfood. It has helped eradicate my symptoms of SIBO. I don’t want to be without it!

Another happy customer

Thank you BioGaia for your great quality Probiotic that I most appreciate!

Adam Telk

The product is very good as it should be.
However, there are two two points of concern should be addressed here:
1- is that the seller did not ship the product after I placed the order, instead the product was delayed several days unnecessarily.
2- the seller didn’t bother to write me a simple email indicating the item was shipped. This is a typical business practice if the seller wants to get good recommendation and care about the customer service.
3- the seller included an extra tracking charge which is set as a default. You have no option but to accept it.
4- thev "Route Package Protection" service is useless, I couldn't track my shipment for 24 days. I attempted to contact PayPal to file a complaint. I thought my item was ether lost or it never left Poland.

Mark Borrelli
Making yogurt

My plan is to use the Gastrus tablets to culture a special yogurt I learned about in the book Super Gut by Dr. William Davis.

ed nepraunig

Great product used for yogurt ,fast shipping.

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