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Peter Heyens
Top, All ok !

Great service. Delivery was fast and all correct
Thank you, will be back.

Jelena Stojadinovic
Second time satisfied

The package came second time, I will order more from the seller.

Adam Telk

The product is good and the seller is reliable.
However, I wasn't happy with the shipping for two reasons:
1- the vendor delayed shipping the product several days for no good reason.
2- there's an extra charge for "Route Package Protection" which is set as a default. You have no choice but to pay it.
I wouldn't mind that if the service was useful, but it is not at all.
I couldn't track my package for the whole period of 24 days.
I wanted to contact PayPal to complain because I did not know if ivwould be getting what I ordered.
There was no follow up from the seller at all. It would be helpful if the seller sent me an email to let me know that the product was shipped.
For the above reasons, I would give the "Route Package Protection " failing marks and scores of ZERO.

Mohamad Malibarey
Very good

Very good

Sally Jo Dierker

I love this deodorant! A friend who found it when vacationing in Italy told me how great it was. She gave me one to try, and I've been using it ever since . . . works better than any deodorant I've ever tried in eliminating perspiration AND odor, even during the summer months! It really lasts 48 hours and leaves no residue on clothing. The price seems high, and I don't like that there is an online offer of free shipping when there isn't, but the product is worth every penny, and was received within the promised timeframe. I wish I could purchase this deodorant at WalMart!

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