Autumn Skin Care

Due to their extreme environmental characteristics, summer and winter are the seasons when skin is extremely sensitive. While we especially need to take care of skin during sunny and dry weather, as during cold temperatures, in spring and autumn it’s time to recover it with sensitive care.

Summer dryness and winter cold are very harsh and aggressive on the skin, so make good use of the seasons in between these two. After the hot, humid summer, the weather transitions into cold temperatures and dry air. With the right care, you will prepare your skin for the coming winter with the even colder weather, as well as repair any potential summer damage.


With the arrival of the colder weather, our skin tends to slow down the shedding process, which may cause developing a dull appearance. If you neglect regular exfoliating, it may lead to clogged pores. Exfoliate your skin gently, using mild, natural formulations.


Moisturize your skin while you cleanse it. In order to avoid clogging pores, it is recommended to switch to a gentler cleanser. Also, find a creamy, hydrating cleanser that will bring extra moisture to your skin. Choose the mildly acidic toner to balance the skin's pH.

Oil the skin

In order to maintain the skin’s elasticity and to avoid the water loss, try applying natural oils to your skin. Use natural oils, such as coconut, jojoba or olive oil, which will help blemished skin to clear up.

Choose your diet

Autumn-proof your diet by increasing food rich in water and in that way hydrate your tissues. Ideal autumn meals are soups, stews, leafy greens and fruit rich in moisture. While regularly consuming food that prevents dehydration, also avoid consuming groceries such as dry meats, caffeine or alcohol.

Boost your immunity

Autumn is a perfect time of the year for many viruses and bacteria and moreover, when seasons change, the human body is more prone to catch a disease. The weakened immune system gets ill easily and the illness will often reflect on your skin too. That’s why you should drink lots of fluid and eat as much fruit and vegetables as possible. There are many fresh fruits on the markets in autumn, which will give you plenty of vitamins beneficial for both your skin and immune system.

Wear your Sunscreen

Even though summer is over it doesn’t mean you should stop wearing sunscreen. No matter what the weather is, the harmful UV rays are still present and that has nothing to do with how hot it is outside. Even when the sun is hidden behind the clouds, the radiation will still be able to harm our skin, and that’s why more and more dermatologists recommend using sunscreen all year long. Yeah, you’ve read it correctly - you should be protected from the sun’s dangerous radiation all year long, even in the autumn and winter. Of course, you won’t get those awful sunburns if you forget your sunscreen like in the summer, but dangerous, ageing UV rays are surely there if there’s just hint of light outside, so if you don’t wear sunblock, radiation can tear up your collagen and lead to premature aging of the skin and wrinkling.


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