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On May 12 we celebrate the Mother's Day, that is, we honor the influence of motherhood in family, as well as in society. Similar rituals concerning celebrating mothers have been held during ancient Greek and Roman periods, who honored mother goddesses Rhea and Cybele. Today, a similar tradition is being followed, in which children pay their mothers respect by celebrating their day and showing their appreciation for all the effort and sacrifices made for their well-being.

Truly, the bond between the mother and child is strong and special. Given that motherhood requires lots of sacrifices and lots of effort, we bring you a few products that may help you during these exhausting, yet blessed days.


First of all, we need to emphasize the importance of breastfeeding. And who could be better to advise you in this matter than Mirriam Labbok, UNICEF Senior Advisor, who states that breastfeeding has a profound impact on a child’s survival, health, nutrition and development. Breastfed children have at least six times greater chance of survival in the early months - breastfeeding drastically reduces deaths from acute respiratory infection and diarrhoea, two major child killers, as well as from other infectious diseases.

All that being said, we are aware that many mothers due to different reasons opt for formula feeding, which is not bad for your baby (it's just not as good as mother's milk). When it comes to your baby's tummy, in order to choose only the best supplements, we've narrowed the list to two products – Holle and HiPP.

Holle is a famous European baby-food brand made from 99% organically grown ingredients. It’s considered one of the safest brands since they use raw organic ingredients - Demeter grains - that are grown using biodynamic agriculture, without chemical fertilizers of any kind. Other than the absence of artificial sugars, Holle products also lack in artificial preservatives, flavors, colors, etc. Whereas every individual child has individual nutritive needs, Holle offers every single mom a feeding plan in order to meet different necessities of growing infants and to provide every baby with exactly what it needs.

HiPP Organic Bio formulas are made to be delicate and alleviating to your infant's stomach. HiPP products for infants are free of any additional sugars, as some contain only lactose as a source of starches. HiPP's mark LCP Omega 3 and 6 unsaturated fats sustain your infant's cerebrum and sensory system, while predominant common vitamins and minerals fabricate a sound body and excellent safe framework.

Elevit Pronatal is indicated in the prevention or correction of disorders due to a vitamin or mineral imbalance or deficient diet during pregnancy and lactation. With a balanced diet and without the consumption of nicotine and alcohol, pregnant and breastfeeding women normally have enough vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Nevertheless, deficiencies may occur during pregnancy and lactation. Throwing up frequently during the early stage of pregnancy may be a reason for a deficiency of essential nutrients. Elevit Pronatal contains all essential nutrients required during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Thus the occurrence of deficiency in mother and child is prevented. Folic acid helps to prevent malformations of the child.

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