Healthy pet is a happy pet – weapons against fleas and ticks

Probably all of the animal lovers have at some point encountered some health troubles of their furry friends. Since they always find their ways to grow on you even more than you’d expect, you regularly end up considering them as a part of your family. Given that we all care about the well-being of our family members, we tend to help them with dealing with anything that hurts them. That is easy to do when your beloved one is capable of telling you what aches them. But what about pets, since they cannot specify what’s wrong? It’s useful to learn a thing or two about helping those without a voice, who can’t ask for help.


One of the most common problems pets experience is fleas. They are small insects that invade their hosts and live by consuming their blood. They cannot fly, but their long hind legs provide them with excellent jumping skill. Most common side effects from fleas are not that serious and mostly consist of irritated, red skin of your furry friend. However, flea infestation at small, weak animals, such as kittens and puppies, may lead to anemia and even to death. There’s also a risk of infections and transmitting flea tapeworms. Other than giving a hard time to your pet, fleas may even bite you! In the case of being dislodged from their animal host, or if not receiving sufficient blood from the pet, fleas will feed even on humans. Flea bite side effects on humans are banal – itchiness and discomfort.


Even more dangerous blood sucking parasites are ticks – extremely annoying and dangerous insects that can cause serious diseases and health problems to our pets. It’s well known that they carry Lyme disease, but unfortunately, they transmit some other serious diseases too, dangerous to both pets and humans.  


One of the most commonly used “weapons” in the battle against fleas is Advantix. It’s very efficient flea control product produced by Bayer, a famous German pharmaceutical company. It is very easy to use - just apply contents of a pipette on your pet’s neck and the base of the skull, since that’s the area your dog or cat can’t reach. Advantix for dogs applied on cats can cause health problems, so make sure you buy the one suitable for your animal.

Another effective product from Bayer family of pet healthcare is Seresto Flea & Tick Collar for small and large dogs and cats.It has no smell, it’s water resistant and the main ingredients remain active and protect your dog or cat for up to 8 months. This collar is perfectly safe for your animal while very powerful in killing and repelling fleas and ticks.

Scalibor Protector Band is another flea and tick collar for dogs. It’s great against fleas, mosquitos and sand flies, but this one is especially efficient in fighting and repelling ticks, providing 6 months’ protection against these awful insects. Thanks to its active ingredient deltamethrin, this collar kills ticks in whichever life stage they are, saving your dog from terrible diseases ticks carry.

Nessie L.B.


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