Homemade make up removers

Skin products are definitely the most expensive beauty products. But why buy these products if you can do yourself some natural skin caring creams, masks or cleansers for which your skin would be thanking you? Using natural make up removers is always a good idea, even when you’re not even wearing any makeup, because they always have a positive impact on the skin. Actually, the stuff you do yourself at home is probably even more beneficial to your skin than the store-bought products. The best way to cleanse your face is using a gentle cleanser that will wash off your make up without removing the essential oils and moisture from your skin. Here are some ways you can do natural a cleanser.

Olive oil

One of the good sides of oil cleansing is that, as crazy as it sounds, it can actually extract the excess oil from the skin.

For oily skin: 1/3 castor or hazelnut oil, 2/3 olive, sunflower

For combination skin: 1/4 castor or hazelnut oil, 3/4 olive, sunflower

For dry skin: olive, castor, hazelnut or any other nourishing oil

Use: massage the oil into your skin for about a minute or two. Place a wet warm towel over your face and let it sit for a few minutes. Then wipe your skin with the clean side of the towel leaving some oil to soak into the skin.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is very beneficial to the skin because of two hormones it contains – auxin and gibberellins. They have anti-inflammatory characteristics and help the skin with wound healing.

Preparation: combine the aloe vera with the raw honey. Add 2 teaspoons of some nutritional oil to the combination. Mix the ingredients until paste forms. Keep it in the refrigerator.


Apply the honey to your face and rub it in. Let it stay for about 5-10 minutes and then remove with a lukewarm cloth.

Rose water

Rose water is not only great for daily beauty regime, but also for uplifting the mood and the atmosphere.

Preparation: simmer the rose petals in water and you’ll obtain a fragrant rose water. To make a make-up remover using this product, take the following ingredients:

1 cup of rose water

¼ cup of aloe vera gel

2 teaspoons of glycerine

1 teaspoon of castile soap

Mix the ingredients and then apply the cleanser to your face and massage into the skin. Rinse with warm water after.


Many excellent natural DIY exfoliating recipes can be found on the internet today. We bring you the one we particularly like:

¼ cup of ground walnut shells

¼ cup of calendula oil

2 tablespoon of aloe vera gel

1 tablespoon of emulsifying wax

1 teaspoon of castile soap

8 drops of lavender essential oil

Preparation: Mix the walnut shells and the castile soap and stir them together. Then combine in another pot the emulsifying wax and the calendula oil and heat them until the wax melts. Warm the aloe vera and then add it to the oil mixture and stir all together until an emulsion creates. Then combine all three mentioned ingredients together and stir them.

All set, you are ready to obtain beautiful skin!

Nessie L.B.


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