Super healthy: Olive oil

Olive oil, today's cornerstone of the Mediterranean diet, has been famous for its benefits since the ancient civilizations, where it’s been called “the liquid gold”. It originated from the Mediterranean and spread through the whole world. It is made by pressing olives and extracting their oil which is after used in medicine, cosmetics, culinary and soaps.

Surely, most of us have a bottle of olive oil hiding in the cupboard and use it as a salad dressing, stir-fry, or in combination with a number of dishes. New researches introduce us to more and more of its benefits. According to the study published in the journal Pharmacological Research, individuals who regularly consume olive oil have a significantly lower chance of developing cardiovascular diseases, such as high blood pressure (hypertension), high blood cholesterol (hyperlipidemia) and stroke. Furthermore, the research proved that the regular consumption of olive oil reduces inflammation, thrombosis, carbohydrate metabolism, etc.

As stated in the British Medical Journal, people who consume the food fried in olive oil do not tend to have a higher risk of heart diseases, while in Neurology it is proven that the consumption of olive oil may prevent strokes in elderly people. There are truly many studies on this subject that show us the perks of olive oil. But are you aware of it advantages when applied to the skin, nails or hair? If you haven’t considered using it in other ways besides to enhance your dinner, you should.

Skin benefits

As olive oil is abundant in vitamins, especially A, D, K, and E, it has a super-positive influence on the skin. Moreover, its antioxidant ingredient, squalene, helps the skin damaged by ultraviolet radiation. It attracts the sun’s heat, so it’s fantastic for tanning. The vitamin E and the polyphenols, that can be found in olive oil, neutralize the free radicals that might advance aging.

Soaps made of olive oil may help with reducing acne by killing the bacteria that cause them. It has a great moisture-holding property, because of which is used as a moisturizer even in face wash products. It will help soothe dry, itchy skin, as it will decrease the inflammation. Dr. Hauschka is one of the brands that use olive oil in their natural cosmetics. Try the Dr. Hauschka Regenerating Day Cream – for mature skin; for dry and dehydrated skin use the Dr. Hauschka Revitalizing Day Cream; Dr. Hauschka Quince Day Cream for deep hydration and protection; and Dr. Hauschka Translucent Bronzing Tint for all skin types.

Hair benefits

As we already said, olive oil is rich in vitamin E, which is extremely helpful in reducing and preventing dandruff. A teaspoon of olive oil and a squeeze of lemon juice will make a powerful mix which will help your scalp with fighting dandruff. It can also be used to smooth away the split ends.

Nail benefits

Olive oil helps to keep the cuticles dry which prevents the bacteria and fungus reaching under the nails. The vitamin E, which is extremely moisturizing, helps with the nail growth. It’s enough to soak your nails in olive oil for 20 minutes once a week.


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