Sweet and silent killer: How to beat sugar cravings?

First of all, we wish a happy Easter to everyone and great holidays whether you’re celebrating or not. We all know that during holidays the house is filled with tasty food and delicious sweets.

Even though it’s fair to give in from time to time and enjoy the yummy meals, we need to be aware of the bad sides of it, so we could keep it moderate. Although we shouldn’t exaggerate with any type of food consumption, when it comes to sugar, the thing is far more serious. We are quite familiar with the negative influences that sugar has on our body, but in case that some of you aren’t, let’s repeat them: weight gain, increased cholesterol levels, increased blood sugar, heart diseases… It actually impacts every organ in our body, and not in a good way. Furthermore, today we know for a fact that people that consume a lot of added sugar are at a significantly greater risk of developing cardiovascular conditions, and even dying from it. So, in order to keep yourself and your loved ones safe, it’s literally essential to keep yourself well informed of these matters. Here are some handy tips that will help you keep your sugar lust under control.

A healthy diet with scheduled treats

Naturally, the key to beating sugar cravings is to eat healthy, fresh food instead of junk filled with added sugars. Consuming the “real” meals – filled with proteins, healthy fats and rich in fiber-carbs will make you feel more energized and better with yourself, and your need for sugar less intensive. Spice your meals with cinnamon or nutmeg which will sweeten your food and automatically reduce the craving for sweet. If you really want a sweet treat, make a habit of having it maximally twice a week and after the dinner. Also, there are plenty of low-calorie treats that are absolutely delicious. Learn to replace the bad stuff with at least the less bad stuff. The optimal and the healthiest solution would definitely be satisfying your sugar craving with fruit. Find online some recipes for healthy desserts that will satisfy your particular taste.

The right food

Eat food rich in magnesium, zinc, and chromium. These nutrients are filled with properties that help the cells in your body to increase the maximum amount of sugar that your body is capable of metabolizing. A healthy level of these nutrients in your body leads to a decreased sweet craving.

Right timing

The optimal time to give in to your lust for a treat is after a workout because this is when your body is having a calorie deficit and the sweets you intake will burn off faster.

Count your calories

Keep in mind that some cakes may count around 500 calories, which is equivalent to an hour of running on the treadmill. Considering all that, is it really worth it?

Manage stress levels

With increased stress levels comes a higher craving for sweets. Fight the stress with short meditations, deep breathing, warm baths, drinking tea, etc. This will not only keep you from consuming lots of junk food but will also provide you with an energy boost.

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