The queen of Mediterranean essential oils - Immortelle

According to Homer’s Odyssey, after surviving the shipwreck on the Phoenician coast, Odysseus meets Nausicaa, a gorgeous king’s daughter whose beauty causes her resemblance to a goddess. As stated in the legend, the secret of her beauty was in the essential oil made from a flower that never withers. Even though we are all well aware of the fact that a number of stories originating from legends and myths are far from the truth, there actually exists a flower that never fades, not even after you pick it up.

It is called Immortelle and it resides particularly on the sunny rockeries of the Mediterranean region, including the territories of Italy, Spain, Turkey, Portugal, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina etc. This everlasting plant originates from a genera named Helichrysum italicum. This is a very rare herb whose essential oil counts dozens of beneficial properties, the most popular one being the anti-ageing feature.

Skin renewal – immortelle oil is proven to help with reducing the appearance of wrinkles and other aging factors and skin imperfections, which leads to smoother and healthier skin. Skin easily absorbs the oil which is quite gentle and nourishing and can be used even on the face. It soothes damaged skin, including burns, boils, insect bites, frosts, cuts, dryness etc. and helps with conditions such as dermatitis, eczema, acne, rosacea… Furthermore, immortelle will fight against the formation of scars and with treating the already formed ones.

Given that it has such a tremendous positive impact on the skin, it’s among the most famous massage therapy oils. It does wonders on the strained muscles and other muscular and joint aches, including rheumatism and arthritis.

Immortelle essential oil battles cancer: due to its antioxidant traits this essential oil helps fighting cancer and premature aging. These conditions are often caused by defects on our DNA and RNA, but Immortelle can slow down the progress and protect us from these and many other genetic caused conditions. Helps out our most important metabolic organ – liver: these days, it’s rather difficult to find clean foods that aren’t hard on your liver because of all the toxins in them and the unhealthy ways of production. However, immortelle can significantly boost your liver’s working process and cleanse it from built-up toxins.

Other than mentioned above, Immortelle's positive traits are also used in fighting:

- allergies

- colds

- skin inflammations

- constipation

- infections

- candida

- insomnia

- kidney stones

- abdominal pain

- flatulence

- bile disorders

As you could assume from the name, immortelle is connected to immortality thanks to its non-fading feature. It’s been used by different cultures for thousands of years and loved not only for its medicinal benefits but also regarding the aesthetic ones - especially because of its distinctive pleasant aroma. By inhaling that delicate scent, a person can feel a significant decrease in stress and anxiety level, which may be the root of many health issues. Although it’s still not vastly used worldwide, immortelle oil is rapidly getting more and more popular, which is no wonder considering its amazing perks related to physical and emotional healing.

Nessie L.B.


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