3 Key Steps To Developing a Fitness Habit

Exercise isn't just a vital part of keeping your body fit and healthy, but it is important for maintaining your mental health in order as well. Many people make a New Year's resolution to exercise more, to be fit, to live a more healthy life, etc. Given that transforming that good will and resolution into practice can be quite hard (and for many people it often ends up in exercising 3-4 times a week for one month and then giving up), we bring you some tips to help you out!

Start today!

Our first advice is not to wait with these decisions. Don't sit in front of your TV eating junk food and waiting until the 1st of January to boost your health or body form. One of the most common mistakes when making a decision of this kind is I will start next Monday. Start today! Don't start after New Year, start right away. Because next Monday will come and you may find yourself not able to start with your plan, you'll make up some reason not to start training right away and you'll postpone it to next Monday. So, you'll wait another Monday, and another, and another... Next thing you know, some things come up in January, and you postpone getting fit and leading a healthy lifestyle for the January of the next year. So, make a plan today and follow it through, even if it means only getting up half an hour earlier and doing some brief home exercises. You will feel better and more accomplished, trust me! Exercises and the intensity aren't important, the consistency and will are what matters the most, and everything else will come along the way.

Make it a daily habit!

Even though it is advised to limit your visits to the gym to 4-5 days a week, so your muscles would have time to recover, which is very important, this is actually one of the main problems when trying to keep your plans consistent. When trying to make something a habit, consistency is the key to obtaining this goal. You don't need to go to the gym every day, neither to push yourself to exceed your limits. However, you need to maintain the habit. Get up a bit earlier in the morning and do some yoga or try making yourself some new, healthy meal. This way you will form a healthy habit more easily and, instead of having the same struggle day after day, a healthy lifestyle will become something automatic and you will have a sentiment of fulfillment, and soon you'll love the results.

Don't do it strictly for the results, but enjoy all the way

As stated before, consistency is the most important thing in your path towards achieving your goals. If you don’t enjoy what you do in the gym then you’ll surely quit at some point and you’ll get back to old unhealthy habits. That being said, it is very important that you create yourself an exercise program in a way that you’ll look forward to every training session. That way you’ll give your maximum every time you hit the gym and you’ll enjoy exceeding your limits. However don’t stay in your comfort zone and avoid every exercise that is a bit hard, but do completely opposite – when it’s hard, give your best!

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