Dealing with Headaches in a natural way

There are hardly any health conditions as annoying as headaches. In most cases, headaches are not dangerous but they’re extremely uncomfortable, annoying and make you want to give up on everything you do at the moment, and just lock yourself up in your quiet, dark bedroom. There are countless reasons that may trigger this annoying problem, and every person may have different headache triggers. For many people being hungry or fasting may cause a headache, while some may get them from eating ice cream, from too much noise, lights, low blood sugar levels. Being stressed out can also be a trigger and of course, there are famous hangover headaches. If the night before you had one too many shots of tequila or glasses of wine (or especially if you mixed different kinds of drinks) you’ll surely wake up with an unbearable headache the next morning. Taking a pill every time you feel a headache is definitely not advised and certainly not good for your health, but luckily there are some natural ways to relieve this annoying head pain.

  1. Hydrate yourself!

If you don’t drink enough water you may develop a headache, as simple as that! Being hydrated is incredibly important for our system, so you always have to watch out not to get dehydrated. However, this type of a headache can easily be relieved in most cases within half an hour to a couple of hours, you just have to drink plenty of water and eat fruits and vegetables filled with water such as watermelons, strawberries...

  1. Ginger Elixir

Ginger root is widely known for its tremendous benefits on our health, and one of those benefits is the way it relieves annoying headaches. Ginger eases inflamed our head’s blood making us feel instant pain relief. You can make this Ginger Elixir by mixing ginger juice/tea with lemon and drink it twice a day. It’s easy to make yet very efficient!

  1. Take a coffee or tea

It is well known that small amounts of caffeine can successfully ease headache pain. There are numerous over-the-counter medications for headaches that are based on caffeine, but drinking coffee or tea is definitely a healthier and more natural way. However, watch out not to over-caffeinate yourself because this can also cause a headache. One cup of coffee or a few cups of tea should be enough.

  1. Magic of Magnesium

There are countless studies that show that most important nutrient when it comes to triggering and relieving headaches is magnesium. Insufficient magnesium intake is an almost certain way to get a headache, but on the other hand, increasing magnesium levels is a completely natural way for headache relief. You can take magnesium through Mg-packed foods like grains, nuts, seeds, broccoli or you can take it in form of supplement capsules.

  1. Relax in a dark room

Close your eyes, lay down in a dark, quiet room and just relax. This is one of the best-known methods to relieve this annoying head pain and it’s rather efficient. If you manage to get some sleep it is just a big plus, since sleep is also a great way to relieve headaches.

If nothing helps and the headache is too strong that you just cannot continue your regular daily activities, you can take those headache medications, just don’t make it a habit. Not every headache is unbearable, so you should definitively try these (and some other) natural ways first. Also, if your headaches are regular and strong, you should visit your doctor.




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