Here's Why You Should Drink More Water

You've probably already heard that our bodies are composed of a quite great percentage of water (give or take – 60 percent). Another known fact is that our body requires a decent amount of daily water consumption in order to stay hydrated and function properly. This decent amount depends on a few factors, such as age, sex, weight, climate and activity habits. But, we could say that a woman should drink approximately 11 cups of water per day, while a man 16 cups of water per day. Quite a lot ain't it?

Obviously, you shouldn't drink water only when you're thirsty. Even though it's not easy to create a habit of drink so much water as recommended, it's a good thing to at least try to drink more than you used to (if you didn't use to drink a lot more than 11 or 16 cups a day!). To support the fact of water necessity, here are 6 reasons to answer you why water is so beneficial to your body:

  1. Boosts brain function

According to some studies, the human brain is made of 73% water (and so is the heart, while the lungs are composed of an incredible 83% of water!). So, obviously, water intake helps your brain with its everyday functions, such as thinking, concentration, keeping focus... On the other hand, dehydration has a negative influence on your cognitive and motor skills, on your mood and on your memory.

  1. Helps with weight loss

Given that water consumption not only boosts your metabolic rate, but also makes you feel fuller, it's safe to say that it aids the weight loss. The most effective way is to drink water half an hour before the meal.

  1. Prevents headaches and hangovers

Headaches are very often caused by dehydration. The brain temporarily shrinks due to water loss and pulls away from the skull. This leads to dehydration headache. Furthermore, water helps with preventing hangovers. A good way to get rid of unpleasant nausea after a night of drinking alcohol, is to drink a glass of water between the drinks. Also, drink a glass of water(or a few) before going to bed.

  1. Improves cardiovascular health

Some studies have proved that people who nurture a healthy habit of adequate daily water consumption lower their chances of developing different heart disorders. Keeping your body well hydrated will help you obtain a healthy blood viscosity and plasma and fibrinogen distribution.

  1. Aids digestion

Proper digestion is one of the key factors to a healthy body. Drinking adequate amount of water helps with the irregular bowel movement. Drink water 45 minutes after meals to obtain the best aid to your bowels.

  1. Improves skin conditions

Well-hydrated skin is one of the key factors to beautiful skin in general. Skin needs proper hydration in order to reduce the development of wrinkles and sagging skin. Start before breakfast and keep drinking water throughout the whole day in order to maintain radiant and young skin.

Other than the mentioned, drinking water offers a number of various benefits to our bodies. What are you waiting for, go get yourself a glass of water right now!

Nessie L.B.


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