How to Reduce Cellulite

It's safe to say that probably everybody with skin prone to cellulite would love to find some magic way to get rid of this orange-peel effect without it coming ever back! Even though in reality there are many treatments and different methods that help reducing cellulite and, they're not even remotely so easy and final. What's particularly annoying, is that these repulsive dimples may occur even to women that are fit and take good care of their nutrition. Althought cellulite is perfectly normal and nothing to be embarassed about, we understand that many women would prefer to have smooth, cellulite-free skin.

Given that today there are numerous methods which supposedly help you reduce cellulite, it is not hard to get confused. Liposuction, fos instance, is one of the most famous ways of reducing body fat. It is a surgical procedure that suctions the fat from the body. It's important to keep in mind that „lipo“ does not help much when it comes to „irroning“ the dipled skin.

But, there are some things that do! Here are some bits of advice that ought to help you find out what's your best option.

Laser treatment

This is a procedure that includes tiny laser fiber being inserted inside the problematic area. It is a minimally invasive method. The energy that laser transmits inside the skin destroys the bands that are responsible for cellulite being visible. A big plus is that it also thickens the skin, which reduces the visibility of dimples. Results of this treatment mostly last for 6 months to a year.


Subcision is a medical treatment during which a dermatologist „pokes„ you with a needle which breaks up those tough bands beneath the skin, which we mentioned before. Many patients have expressed their satisfaction with this treatment and the results last around 2 years.

Vacuum tissue release

The bands beneath the skin are being cut by a device consisted of small blades. Then the tissue is being vacuumed up in order to fill the dimpled skin. Studies showed that the results of this procedure lasted for 3 years.

Anti-cellulite massage

Some studies showed that massaging the part of the body containing cellulite helps reducing the fluid buildup by boosting the blood circulation. The blood flow is improved, which helps the oxygen be transported to the cells in the body. Anti-cellulite massage has been approved as a good solution for cellulite by many patients. It is mostly used for accelerating the blood flow in the legs.

Healthy lifestyle

If you are not very fond of these professional procedures of cellulite reduction, there are some other options you can try. Other than the mentioned treatments, you can also reduce the cellulite appearance in a natural way. Cellulite appears due to poor diet, slow metabolism, dehydration, hormonal changes, lack of physical activity... Try losing some weight by excercising, while consuming a proper diet. Also, stay well hydrated and get yourself anti-cellulite creams and lotions (we recommend those that contain vitamin A and C, and caffeine).

Nessie L.B.


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