Effaclar K+ Cream, what's inside?

It is worthy to start your retinoids adventure with Effaclar K cream to avoid potential skin irritation, which are very common for retinoid treatments. Effaclar K is very delicate and I recommend it to all of you who are afraid of strong treatments and never applied retinol so far. Moreover it is good to start with it to get the skin used to retinoids first and then progressively move to stronger cures.

Below I would like to share with you the main active ingredients of this cream and uncover their effects on skin. For information on how to use it, visit the this recent post. 

Effaclar K is renewing cream for oily skin and acne. It has three active ingredients.

First is lipohydroxy acid (capryloyl salicylic acid), a very gentle acting acid combined with the lipid chains with high affinity for the skin and therefore very well tolerated by the skin, even especially sensitive (and oily be both sensitive). Lipohydroxy acid is primarily to remove residual layer of dead cells and unblock sebaceous glands to let enter the second active ingredient of Effaclar K, salicylic acid.

Salicylic acid is one of most known from its comedolytic properties which makes it a useful peeling agent for people with acne.

The third active substance of this preparation is retinyl linoleate or mild derivative of retinol associated with linolenic acid. Retinol reduces the activity of the sebaceous glands, inhibits hyperkeratosis, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and comedolytic blocks virtually all causes of acne and acts anti-wrinkle. A gentle application of retinyl linoleate guarantees very good tolerance and least of adverse effects of which are known retinoids like flaking, sensitivity and irritation.

All the ingredients act synergistically and the cream is well tolerated even by very sensitive skin. Day after day renews the surface of oily skin and prevents recurrence of acne. It is recommended more for acne adulthood because of the anti-wrinkle retinol.

Effaclar K can and even shoud be used regularly or as part of retinoid treatments. This is how I like to use it, especially in early beginning of Autumn. 

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