The Importance of Healthy Blood Circulation and How to Achieve It

With every beat, our heart makes the blood move throughout our body, delivering the oxygen and vital nutrients to every cell in our body, while removing the waste products. This way the cells are provided with all the essentials they need in order to function properly. Without the properties that blood delivers them through arteries, the cells in our body would start to break down. Unfortunately, these arteries can get clogged, which could possibly lead to a heart attack and abnormalities in heart rhythm. Other than these severe health conditions, poor blood flow is also bad for your skin and hair. Proper blood flow will provide your face with natural anti-age treatment and it will make your face look fresh and youthful, free of those annoying under eye bags. Furthermore, disrupted blood circulation could potentially cause hair loss and even baldness. 

Signs that you have poor blood circulation

The following signs may indicate bad blood flow in the body, so they are not to be neglected. 

- loss of energy

- fatigue

- feeling the cold in the extremities (feet, hands, etc.)

- swelling

- skin discoloration

- hypertension

- leg cramps and aches 

- loss of appetite 

- numbness

- erectile dysfunction

- leg ulcers

- calf pain

Given that abnormalities with blood circulation could lead to such serious consequences on the health level, as well as to various unwanted effects on the beauty level, it is essential to take care of our body and take into consideration the following advises on how to improve your blood flow.

Healthy weight

You may have come across the information that overweight persons tend to have problems with clogged arteries. A study conducted in 2009 which was published in a medical journal PubMed has shown that a group of obese women who had lost weight had also improved their blood circulation. Other than the mentioned study, many others also proved that a healthy weight improves blood flow in the arteries in a great manner. 

Vitamin consumption

Some vitamins and minerals can also significantly improve your blood circulation. Most important ones are:

Vitamin E - Many nuts and seeds are packed with this highly beneficial vitamin, such as almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts, sunflower seeds. Also, oils made from these nuts and seeds (wheat germ oil, hazelnut oil, almond oil, sunflower oil) are a great source of vitamin E too, so you can easily boost your Vitamin E intake just by using these oils when preparing your favorite meals and salads.

Vitamin B - Nothing much to think here. Just find some green fresh vegetables at your grocery store or farmer's market and you'll surely intake a significant amount of vitamin B. Broccoli, spinach and kale are some of the best sources of this important vitamin.

Stress management 

When you feel stressed your blood vessels constrict. This is why you should learn how to manage your stress levels in order to live a healthier life.


Masagge is a great way to relax and relieve your mind of stress. But even more important, massage helps your body with improving the blood circulation which gets stimulated by massage of the muscles. 


Some groceries have great influence on blood flow, such as red meat, leafy greens, whole grains... Also, fruit rich in vitamin C and fiber is great for strengthening the capillary walls in your arteries.

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