Top 6 Skin Care Home Remedies

Having a beautiful and healthy skin is not only a matter of concern for women, but men as well, because your skin reflects a lot about your personality. When you have a beautiful skin, you feel more confident. Everyone wants his skin to be healthy and beautiful, but the methods that are being used these days may not be the healthiest ones. The cosmetic products, when not chosen consciously, may bring our skin poor results. 

There is a real need to know that not all cosmetic products are good for our skin. There is nothing wrong with wanting or desiring beautiful skin, but one must be very conscious about the methods used to make the skin beautiful. Interesting may be the fact that in previous times, people didn’t have access to cosmetic products available today and still they preserve beautiful skin. They strictly followed natural methods to protect and nourish their skins.

If we want to protect our skin, the nature is the key and gives us ways to combine natural methods with consciously chosen cosmetic products. Here is a list of top 6 skin care home remedies, worth using along with your cosmetic routine:


The simplest and the most easiest way to keep your skin healthy and beautiful s that you should drink plenty of water, not on any particular day, but on daily basis. In few days you will feel your skin smooth and glowing. Many experts suggest that you should drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water in one day.

Drinking lots of water helps you in this regard because water takes out all the toxins from your body. As you are suggested to drink plenty of water, in a similar manner you are also suggested to restrict the consumption of sugary drinks.

If you think you cannot drink enough water on a daily basis then try eating fruits which contain a high amount of water.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice can be used for different purposes: it can cleanse your skin, it can reduce the scars on your skin, and it can make your skin smooth and soft. Lemons are rich in citrus which is full of enzymes that clean your skin as well as moisturise it. Lemon is also perfect for people with oily skin. If you are looking for natural lemon products to moisturise your skin, you can explore these on Groupon. Here are different ways to use lemon:

If you have dark spots on your skin and you want to remove them then extract some juice from lemons and then apply it on the places where you have dark spots. Leave it there for ten to twenty minutes and then thoroughly clean it.

If you want your skin to be smooth, take half lemon and extract juice from it. Mix this juice with the egg white.  Apply it on your face and clean with warm water after 10 minutes.


If you want to make the tone of your skin even, then there is nothing better than a tomato. It can be used in different ways.

Make the paste of few tomatoes by grinding them, and then apply this paste on your face. Leave it there for 10 minutes and then clean your face.

Tomatoes are also very effective in the reduction of pimples. You can make a paste and then apply it on pimples. Let it remain there for an hour and then wash your face.


Honey is another natural ingredient that you can use to make your skin smooth and silky. There are also different ways to use it.

Apply honey on your face and let it remain there for ten minutes. Wash your face with cold water and you will get a smooth and silky skin.

You can also add honey with the white of the egg.

You can also make a paste of honey and cinnamon powder.

Honey Skin Care Remedies

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil is very useful to reduce pimples and acne from your skin because of its antibacterial properties. You can also reduce the scars from your skin by using Tea Tree Oil. You can use it in different ways

If you want to heal a pimple quickly, you have to apply the oil on the pimple with a piece of cotton every few hours.

You can also apply it on your skin along with vitamin E oil and leave it overnight.

Aloe Vera

If wrinkles and fine lines keep on appearing on your skin, Aloe Vera is perfect to reduce these.

First you need to extract the Aloe Vera and then you are supposed to apply it on your face and then finally wash your face with water.

You can make of mixture of Aloe Vera, Honey, and lemon juice, and you can apply it on your face. This paste will be like a mask, you can use it few times a week.


This guest post is written by Joe Cole, he works at Coupon Goo.

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