10 Summer Beauty Tips

With summer being here, it is necessary that we adapt our beauty regime to specific conditions, such as humidity and warm days filled with sun exposure. We’ve prepared 10 tips of advice on how to take care of your body during hot summer days.

  1. Wear sunscreen

The obvious no.1 advice for summer days. To keep your skin protected from the dangerous UV rays, make sure to apply a sunscreen with a high SPF at least 30 minutes before exposure to the sun.

  1. Hair mask

Hot and humid conditions can also have a bad impact on your hair. In order to avoid hair damage caused by excessive shampooing, we recommend using a hair mask at least once a week.

  1. Cleanse

The dead skin cells tend to accumulate on your face, so it needs a proper cleansing at least once a week. Exfoliation will cleanse the clogged skin pores on your face and let your skin breathe. We don’t recommend exfoliating more than 2-3 times a week, as excessive scrubbing could lead to redness, rash, and breakouts.

  1. Moisturize

Extreme heats in summer cause dehydration in the body, which leads to dryness of the skin. Moisturizing is the key factor to prevent your skin from being damaged and dulled. We recommend moisturizing on a daily basis using products depending on your skin type.

  1. Drink water

Other than moisturizing your skin on the outside, it’s also very important to keep yourself hydrated on the inside too. During summer we sweat more, so our body loses water quickly. This could even lead to dehydration. So drink lots of water – at least 8-10 glasses per day and eat lots of fruit high in water content.

  1. Use aloe vera

Aloe vera does miracles for the skin. It is a perfect choice for soothing and calming the skin in summer when it is more often shaved, waxed and exposed to the sun. Aloe vera’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties will keep your skin smooth and healthy.

  1. Follow a healthy diet

As always, it all comes down to having a healthy nutritional habit. During summer, increase the intake of boiled food, fresh fruit, and vegetables, as much as salads and smoothies. Follow a light and healthy diet filled with nutritionally rich, low-calorie foods and drink lots of water.

  1. Spritz your scalp

Summer hotness causes the heating of your head. When spending some time outside, exposed to sun, we advise you to spritz your scalp with cool water every now and then. This will freshen up your head and prevent potential sunstroke.

  1. Waterproof make up

If you’re putting on any makeup when going to the beach, make sure to provide yourself with waterproof makeup – you wouldn’t want your mascara to end up running down your face.

  1. Wear deodorant

Although this may seem like a pretty obvious tip, we recommend always having a deodorant in your bag. It may happen that after getting sweaty you don’t notice your own smell, so stay safe by having a deodorant close at any time.

Nessie L.B.


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