Guide for a completely relaxing bath

After a long, stressful day (or week) nothing helps us relax better than a warm, calming bath. Not only a soapy bath will help you loosen tensed muscles, but it will relieve your body of pain and promote your circulation. This will help your stressed physical state, and it will also lead to improving your mental well-being. Treat yourself with some alone, relaxing time and get yourself a nice magazine, a glass of wine and an odorous soap. Make your quality time even more pleasurable and luxurious with these few bits of bits of advice. 


You can upgrade your sensation by adding real flowers to your bath, which will fill the room with sensational senses. Another option is inflaming a scented candle whose amazing aroma will boost the calming atmosphere. If you don’t want cut fresh flowers, don’t worry – you can find fake flowers with a great scent at an approachable price. 

Essential oils
You would definitely want to remember adding essential oils to your bathwater because they are filled with beneficial medicinal characteristics that will instantly make you feel rejuvenated and relaxed. Consider lavender, rosemary, iris or rose since they are perfect to induce a relaxation mood. Always avoid artificial perfumes as they cannot provide you with the same qualities as essential oils.

Epsom salt

This is an answer to reducing many aches that has been used for hundreds of years. Whether you pulled a muscle, or you’re having an arthritis issue, or any other ache as a matter a fact, a small quantity of Epsom salt will help you. It can be found in many drugstores and grocery stores at a cheap price. It’s called salt for its chemical structure, but it’s very different from the one we use in the kitchen. It is actually magnesium sulfate, which divides in the water and goes through your skin to get in your body. Using Epsom salt while bathing has proven to have a positive influence on arthritis, bruises, insomnia, psoriasis, joint pain, sore muscles, sunburns, etc.

Face Scrub

As your muscles and body enjoy the relieving warm water, your face will enjoy a nice homemade sugar scrub. Not only for the smell, but for the softness it will provide your skin with.  


Adjusting the temperature is a very simple, but also a very important factor when aiming for a perfect bath. Warm water is the best option for relaxation, but definitely not too hot. A too high temperature of the water could lead to some unwanted situations, so be sure to listen to your body.


If you prefer not to lie in a bathtub in silence, some calming music might be a good idea. We recommend nature sounds or some easy tunes that will help you dive into your meditation.

That’s it, you’re all set! Now take a comfortable position and focus only on your breathing. Take slow, deep breaths, hold your breath for 1-2 seconds and then slowly exhale.

Nessie L.B.

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