Beauty Benefits provided by Almonds


Other than being a delicious and healthy snack, almond is filled with properties that have amazing benefits which will make your skin and hair healthy and glowing! This small, but very potent nut will be your hair's best friend when it needs moisturization, and your skin's best friends when it needs help. It is replete in vitamins, such as vitamin E, vitamin A, as well as protein, zinc, potassium, fatty acids... There are sweet almonds which are used as food and in cosmetics, while the bitter ones have proven to have some medicinal features. We're aware that almond nuts are very good as a part of our nutrition, but its oil is also quite beneficial (and makes the meals very tasty when added to the recipe). It helps to prevent heart problems, regulates the blood pressure, aids digestion, maintains cholesterol level, strengthens the nervous system, boosts memory and immunity, etc.!

One tablespoon of almond oil contains:

- Calories: 119

- Total fat: 13,5 grams

- Saturated fat: 1,1 grams

- Monounsaturated fat: 9.4 grams

- Polyunsaturated fat: 2.3 grams

- Vitamin E: 26% of the RDI

- Phytosterols: 35.9 mg

Skin benefits of almond oil

Thanks to the antioxidant properties of vitamin E, almond does wonder to your skin's collagen layer. This layer is responsible for your skin's wrinkle absence and silkiness. Plus, vitamin E will protect your skin against dangerous solar radiation. The fatty acids will provide your skin with the needed moisture. Also, you don't have to worry if you have oily skin because due to its non-comedogenic features, almond oil is very unlikely to clog the skin pores. Almond oil is a great solution for under-eye circles. Simply massaging it to your face before going to sleep will lighten the skin in this area and usage on a daily basis will lead to wrinkle reduction. Furthermore, almond oil will help with getting rid of dead skin and all other impurities on your skin. A face mask made with a simple recipe (5 crushed almonds, a teaspoon of milk, gram flour and a few drops of lemon juice) left on your face for half an hour will purify your skin. It has also shown a significant improvement in skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.

Hair benefits of almond oil

Applying almond oil to your hair on a weekly basis will help you fight the hair fall. After massaging it into the scalp, simply wrap a wet towel around your head and leave it on for half an hour. In order to get rid of split ends, use a hair mask mixed of almond oil, castor oil, and olive oil. These combined together will provide your hair with all the beneficial properties that your hair lacks, from vitamins and antioxidants to essential minerals. When it comes to hair, another great positive side of almond oil is that it also treats dandruff. As we mentioned, it removes the dead skin cells, so it's a great remedy against annoying dandruff, as it is for scalp inflammations.

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