Healthy dieting for anti-aging effect

Getting older is definitely normal and natural part of life. However, it’s also completely normal to feel a bit down when you see some new wrinkles appearing on your skin, and to try to slow down that wrinkling process. But can we really slow it down? The short answer is YES. It can be done in a number of ways of which some are completely natural, and others aren’t. Of course, as with many other things regarding our body, we should always opt for these natural solutions. The main thing that should be altered in order to preserve that younger looking, smooth skin is your diet. What we eat directly affects our skin, so if you want your face to be nice and unwrinkled, you should definitely cut out some unnecessary meals from your diet, and replace them with some other foods that benefit your skin. Here are some tips for the anti-aging diet that will help you fight those stubborn wrinkles.

Boost your protein intake

When we age, main structural proteins in our skin, elastin and collagen, are losing their strength, allowing the skin to lose its firmness and wrinkles to start appearing. To prevent that from happening or to repair our damaged skin, our body need amino acids. They can be found in protein sources like meat, fish, eggs, nuts, seeds, grains etc.

No junk food

Food that causes inflammation is considered to be pro-aging, which means that it negatively affects our skin, body, organs and basically our entire system. They have saturated and trans fatty acids which are extremely unhealthy and can cause huge health problems if consumed on a regular basis. These fats can be found in processed, packaged and fast food, in fries, donuts, gluten, sugar and even dairy products.

Lessen the intake of junk food and increase the consumption of vegetables and fruit, as they are highly recommended for their numerous health benefits.


Furthermore, many studies have proven that sugar, and sugar based products, definitely speed up the process of wrinkles appearing, and make you look older.

The “good” fat

We’ve already mentioned saturated and trans fatty acids that are generally bad for our system, but don’t get them confused with the omega fatty acids -3, -6, and -9.

Salmon is especially rich in omega -3 fatty acids

These fatty acids are built in walls of our skin cells, and if those walls are fine and healthy, our skin will look smooth and hydrated. That being said, it’s extremely important to include foods rich in omega fatty acids in our diet in order to keep our skin nicely hydrated from the inside, since the hydration of the skin is maybe the most important factor when fighting wrinkles. There are some studies that even show that omega acids from this fish can even prevent skin cancer cells from spreading! Some sources rich in omega fatty acids are walnuts, salmon, avocado, coconut and olive oil...

Once you’ve changed your plate and your grocery list, first you’ll feel better, and soon even see those annoying wrinkles giving up. For even better results, you should combine the new diet with enough sleep, less stress and more exercise, and you will be delighted with your smooth, young-looking skin!



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