How to Obtain Fuller and Thicker Lips in a Natural Way

Even though many of us are still fond of thin, perfectly natural lips, we cannot avoid noticing that the rest of the world has gone crazy over Kylie Jenner's type of thick, full lips. Although women who gave in to this worldwide popular trend often opt for lip injections, there are also many who prefer natural ways to make their lips plumper. Luckily, there are quite a few tips that will help you achieve the desired look without any injections or surgeries.

Use the stuff you probably already have in your house

You may not be aware of it, but you might have the right thing for your lip enhancement inside your kitchen cabinet. For example, peppermint oil is a great option for increasing lip volume because it irritates the lips, but in a gentle way. It will also cause a bit of natural redness of the lips, which is another plus. Sugar is another beneficial alternative because it boosts the blood flow to the lips. We recommend making a sugar-coconut oil peeling mask and use it on the lips. It will provide your lips with a nice natural rosy colour and enhanced fullness of the lips. Ice is one of the tricks for fuller lips that many people don’t know about. Pressing ice against your lips for a brief moment (around two minutes) will result in compressing the blood vessels, making your lips more red and plum. Applying a paste made of cinnamon and olive oil on your lips will also cause a gentle irritation, which will result in enhanced and coloured lips.

Learn how to enhance your lips with the stuff you have inside your make up knit

Make-up can be a crucial factor when it comes to lip enhancement. There are some very simple tricks that can make your lips bigger and fuller only by using your cosmetics the right way. The first thing you should try is overdrawing your lip line. Simply find yourself a lip liner similar to your lipstick and draw a line slightly above the natural lip line. In order for the natural lip not to be visible, we advise you to use the concealer on it. Then just fill the inner part of the lips with the lipstick and you’re ready to go! Another plum-lips-friendly advice is to apply a darker lipstick colour on lip sides and a lighter colour in the middle. This is a good solution for evening the lips and making them look thicker.

It is also recommended to brush off flakes of your lips, as they tend to make them seem smaller. Simply massage your lips with a toothbrush which will provide them with a nice exfoliation and improve the circulation, resulting in – full lips.

That’s it! One last advice from us to you is to remember that trends change over time so don’t feel any pressure if your looks don’t match the popular criteria today. One thing is sure – real beauty comes from solid self-esteem, not lip injections.

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