Natural and Carrot Oils for the fastest and healthiest tanning

After a long winter, May is finally almost here, and warm weather has come along with it. It’s time that after a long cold and dry period our skin gets some fresh air and vitamin D. Even though the sun may feel so good on our skin, we must always keep in mind that even in May sun’s very dangerous and we must keep our skin protected against its harmful ultraviolet rays. First of all, get yourself a cream that contains a protective factor and apply it to your skin in order to stay safe. After that, you’re good to get some tan! The truth is, we all love to have a little bit of a darker glow on our skin that will hide our blemishes and simply make us look fresher. If you’re lucky enough you just might get some color on those cheeks already in May! With a little bit of sun and some home-made tricks, you can achieve the desired skin color without having to visit those tanning beds with questionable effects on your health. We offer you a few tips that will help you to obtain a bronzed body.

Natural Oils

There are lots of natural oils that attract the sun which you can simply apply to your skin before exposing yourself to the sun. When you’re finished tanning just wash it off with water and soap. Some of them are:

- olive oil

- coconut oil

- sunflower oil

- sesame oil

- avocado oil

- hazelnut oil

- wheat-germ oil

Carrot for tanning

It has been scientifically proven – carrots have an amazing effect on our skin. Its essential oil has regenerative and detoxifying properties, and it also prevents wrinkle development on the skin. Its property named beta-carotene is the one to be thankful for its tanning miracles. Start applying it a few weeks before your holidays, as it will make your skin strong and ready for the future sun exposure. You can even make your own carrot vegetal oil, it’s that easy. You will need:

- 4 big organic carrots

- some of the natural oils mentioned above

- patience

Preparation: Peel and cut 2 carrots in thin slices and leave them in the open air to dry. After 24 hours put them in a container filled with sunflower oil, or whichever you prefer and leave it for 3 weeks (stir from time to time). Repeat the procedure with the other 2 carrots which you will add to the container and filter the blending. This product is very photosensitizing, so your skin will be very reactive to the sun. As a precaution, we recommend you don’t use it at least 24h before exposing to the sun.

For the optimal sun protection, we recommend these products: Avene Sun Reflexe Solaire SPF50+; La Roche-Posay ANTHELIOS XL velvety milk SPF50+; La Roche-Posay ANTHELIOS XL Fluid Ultra Light SPF50+; Avene Sun Cream SPF50+; La Roche-Posay ANTHELIOS XL Tinted Fluid Ultra Light SPF50+.

Nessie L.B.

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