Redermic R - Anti-Aging Wonder for Sensitive Skin

REDERMIC R - most wanted product of La Roche- Posay. And even before trying it, I knew I would love it. The dream came true and with all my heart I would like to share with you the benefits of this product since this cream is really worth of it.  Sooo let’s have a look...

About main ingredient of Redermic R,  which is called retinol, I write on THIS POST (this is a must -have to read to understand why/if you should reach out for Redermic R)

REDERMIC is a range of La Roche- Posay anti-aging products. At this time, it consists of two basic formulations: REDERMIC C (C for vitamin C) and Redemic R (R for retinol).

REDERMIC C, formerly known as REDERMIC+, underwent little renovation and has been enhanced with Mannose - sugar to stabilise vitamin C and prevent or at least reduce its oxidation. Thus, the preparation do not leave so many yellow spots on pillows and collars, which normally happens in process of oxidation of Vitamin C. About the advantages of wit. C I will be writing more in my next posts, I will however mention only its main benefits. It is a potent antioxidant that stimulates the synthesis of collagen, improving tone and lightly exfoliating, brightening discolorations and strengthening blood vessels. In Redermic C vitamin C is present in a concentration of 5%. In addition, the cream contains among else: moisturising Hyaluronic Acid, an accelerator of regeneration - Madecassoside, and Neurosensine which is soothing and anti-inflammatory.


REDERMIC C is a great DAY cream (under UV cream) due to the antioxidant activity, but of course it can be used also for the night. There is a version for dry skin and normal to combination as well as the eyes and the filter (SPF 25, PPD 10). I recommend it since the age of 25 (which does not mean that you can not use it while in the age of 50) persons with any type of skin, wanting to slow down aging, but also to those who already have visible signs of photoaging and holders of vascular skin. That's it in a nutshell, because in this post I will be focusing on new REDERMIC R with retinol.

Autumn is the best time to overhaul and reconstruct the skin, it means for deeper exfoliation. People who already noticed the first signs of aging or still get tired with somewhat milder form of acne - adult acne (acne adulthood), I propose the treatment with REDERMIC R. And although it is not preparation dedicated to treat acne, a side effect of this anti-aging treatment will be narrowing of pores and reducing blackheads. This product is suitable for owners of dry skin, sensitive skin, and for older people (you can go ahead and buy for Christmas for Mom), who would like to get the effect of visible skin rejuvenation. I would recommend it in the form of several months (minimum 3 months) deep renewing treatment and treatment for people with adult acne or acne adulthood.

Even though retinol for sensitive skin in form of retinyl linoleate shows less irritation, it still may be a real killer, especially if you combine it with pure retinol, as is the case in Redermic R. Therefore, if you decide to cure, remember to stock up simultaneously on soothing and moisturizing creams (Cicaplast, Hydraphase, Toleriane, Physiogel etc.). Of course, retinol and its derivatives sensitize the skin to the sun and UV protection is necessary even in winter, especially in the more sunny days. You can think of Anthelios, Heliocare, ect.

REDERMIC R is to be used at night while in the day the skin should be moisturised, soothed and protected. It can be used every day, although I believe it will be impossible for most of you. When you notice an inflammatory reaction (retinol works with delay), reduce the frequency and use it every other day and in case of very strong irritation even just once a week.

So, let’s not miss this autumn to boost our skin and surprise with more healthy skin for next holidays time…

Maggie, beauty and nature lover, mindful of skincare rituals.

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