Redermic R Cream, what's inside?

REDERMIC R - one of the best products of La Roche- Posay. REDERMIC is a range of La Roche- Posay anti-aging products. At this time, it consists of two basic formulations: REDERMIC C (C for vitamin C) and Redemic R (R for retinol). How to use Retinol R, I already wrote at THIS POST.

Now, it is time to look into main ingredients of REDERMIC R.

Retinol, as you probably already know, is at this moment most strongly acting anti-aging substance, used in dermatology already a good forty years, and (especially its derivatives) in anti-acne treatments. Cosmetic companies advertise from time to time the discovery of innovative new component whose effectiveness is usually comparable to retinol, and it only means that it is still inferior to retinol :).

Retinol, saying in a nutshell has a very broad spectrum of activity. Starting from epidermis - it works exfoliating, removing excessively bold dead stratum corneum “horny layer” (which is getting thicker with age) reducing hyperkeratosis, and thickening the living basal layer of the epidermis (which is getting thinner with age). In the dermis, it stimulates the synthesis of collagen fibres and hyaluronic acid. It smoothes and firms the skin, lightens discoloration and is able to shift back to a certain extent the effects of photoaging. And of course, retinol also works anti-acne, which frequently has been mentioned on this post. Therefore, in addition to smoothing and rejuvenating the skin, you get an additional bonus in the form of narrowing the pores and reducing blackheads. But unfortunately, retinol has also its serious drawbacks, it can irritate the skin, and therefore, the study is still in progress on reducing irritation caused by vitamin A.


La Roche- Posay Laboratories have created retinol sensitive skin - retinyl linoleate- retinol in duet with linolenic acid. Linolenic acid alleviates the irritant effect of retinol and replenishes the substance in the sebum, improving its quality. Retinyl linoleate is already known and present in Effaclar K, in which it is present at low concentrations of 0.05%.

Redermic R comes in form of face cream and eye cream.

REDERMIC R contains 0.2% of retinyl linoleate and 0.1% of pure retinol, which gives a total of 0.3% with this substance! Among the active ingredients of the cream we will also find lipohydroxy acid (LHA) additionally acting exfoliating and comedolytic and adenosine which smooths and calms. The product has the form of a light emulsion that is absorbed immediately and without a trace, and has a yellow color. Placed in a sealed aluminum tube with a vacuum system inside, which blocks access of air. The tube is so impermeable that the cream can be used 12 months after opening.

Voila, I hope this post brings you a little more light into retinol importance.


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