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Winter is a joyful season, loved by many people. The clear chilly days of winter bring us snow, cozy sweaters, boots, scarves, etc. Still, even though our winter (and Christmas) spirit flourishes during this fresh, icy season, to many people winter represents much more than rosy cheeks. Cool weather and low humidity in the air is no fun for our skin. It makes the skin on our faces, hands, and feet become uncomfortably dry. In some people this results in even worse consequences – inflammation, cracking, itchiness, flaking, eczema… Here’s what we suggest in order to help you out with these problems.


Moisturize your skin right after washing it with lukewarm water. Don’t exaggerate with the hot water and soap because it will strip the protective oils of the skin. Moisturizing your skin will help it to fill out the damps in it. Depending on the level of grease that suits your skin, choose the right moisturizer for you amongst ointment, oil, cream and lotion moisturizers.

Dietary factors

Consuming coconut oil and groceries that contain omega 3 fatty acids will provide your skin with a strong protection against the cold conditions. Other than those, follow also these dietary tips: drink a lot of water, increase the intake of fresh vegetables. Avoid sugars and processed food, as well as fructose and grains, they have a harmful influence on your skin.

Skin creams and lotions

Dr. Hauschkaa cream for normal, dry, sensitive, reddened and mature skin whose nourishing avocado and almond oils with protective rose wax, beeswax and quince seeds balance skin and help prevent dryness. Rose, quince and St. John’s wort extracts tone and support elasticity. Nourishing rose water and anthyllis extract have a balancing, harmonizing effect. Tinted Day Cream richly moisturizes the skin and gives it a subtle, natural glow. Tinted Day Cream provides a balance to the skin’s oil and moisture levels and it supports its natural moisturizing functions. Harmoniously blends with your natural skin tone for an even complexion.

Bioderma – long-lasting moisturizing lotion that will help with soothing itching and irritation, rebuilding a healthy skin barrier and restoring skin comfort and thus spacing out the occurrence of new irritative phases. Atoderm Intensive Baume quickly stops itching and reduces the urge to scratch thanks to its anti-itching dermatological active ingredient PEA. Enhanced with soothing and purifying ingredients, it soothes irritation at the moment.

WeledaWeleda Skin Food is a unique, ultra-rich whole-body cream that deeply hydrates, restores and protects skin with nourishing plant oils and extracts. The essential fatty acids and vitamin E in organic sunflower seed oil take care of stubborn dryness on your elbows, hands and feet as pansy calms dry irritation.

Other than the mentioned solutions, you can also try the face packs which will provide your skin with just what it needs during rough periods. Choose among papaya, almond and milk, yogurt and buttermilk and many other face packs. Deeply moisturized and protected, your skin will have a soft and supple look with a healthy glow. Dermatologists recommend daily allowance of radiance, and it's just what you and your skin are craving for.

 Nessie L.B.

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