The Black Mask: how safe is this „miracle product“?

It's enough to just be on the internet these days to know about the famous black peeling mask everyone’s going crazy about. The world is obsessed with blackheads. Although it’s not quite clear where’s the satisfaction in it, once you start picking at them, there’s no stopping. 

There are literally tons of videos on the internet of people picking at their faces. When this charcoal mask appeared, lots of videos followed regarding its application and the final result. And we must say - dozens of little black spots getting pulled out, leaving nothing but smooth skin - it does look mesmerizing. It’s no wonder it became such a hit. But is the hype about it justified? Some of the famous dermatologists gave their opinions considering black masks and we’ve examined them.

First of all, do you even know what are these masks made of? Mostly out of charcoal and glue… Yes, GLUE! This is the reason it clings to the skin so firmly. So, unlike other face masks that simply wash out, you will have to rip this one out, and this will really hurt. Most dermatologists indicate this as the main problem your skin will have to endure if applying this intense mask. Furthermore, it doesn’t only unclog the pores, but it sticks to the hair on the face and pulls it out. Hence the pain. Additionally, it cleanses the skin from the good oils that protect it from the bad bacteria in the environment.

Andy Millward, a qualified facialist, who is a member of BABTC (British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology), strongly advises people against the use of this mask:

To anyone tempted by or intrigued by these “Black Charcoal Peel Off Pore Masks”. DON'T. JUST DON'T!! They look very damaging to the skin. Literally ripping the surface layer of skin off (& probably the vellus hair with it) so of course it's going to feel soft & smooth underneath. As for all those "blackheads" it pulls out. The majority of the oils pulled from the skin will be sebaceous filaments and actually needed by the skin so will be replaced within 30 days anyway to ensure healthy skin balance. Blocked pores (blackheads/comedones) are entirely different to sebum lined pores. As a one off, the skin is likely to recover without issue but continued use, stripping away the skins natural oils and irritating the skin is a sure fast track to secondary skin concerns. You have been warned!

Melissa Piliang, MD, a dermatologist at the Cleveland Clinic states:

When the mask is removed, it pulls off the outermost layer of skin and associated oils which serve as a barrier to protect the skin from the environment. This, plus pulling out the small hairs would cause significant pain—just like waxing the face.

To conclude, the soft and smooth feeling you get after using this mask is there due to the fact that you've just stripped a surface layer of your skin. Your face DOESN'T need this. Moreover, stay alerted regarding dangerous chemicals that cause allergies and irritation that these masks might contain.

Nessie L.B. 

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