The dangers of tanning beds and why you should avoid them

Studies have shown that tanning in sunbeds can become an addiction similar to any other like alcohol, smoking, drugs. The report in the journal Archives of Dermatology states that people who often use tanning salons can possibly suffer addictive behavior, making sunbeds similar to alcohol and cigarettes in one more “bad category”, alongside with causing cancer.

The most concerning fact is that every fifth user of sunbed is addicted to tanning in these facilities despite constant and frequent warnings from doctors about the many bad effects of sunbeds. Furthermore, after each tanning session in sunbed the risk of getting cancer increases by 1.8%, making people with sunbed tanning addiction extremely prone to get melanoma, which explains why some doctors call this addiction “deadly”. Given that using sunbeds is especially dangerous to young people, and the teenagers are more likely to develop addictions, it should not surprise that more and more countries are banning the use of sunbeds by people under the age of 18. Scotland banned it in back in 2009. , Ireland did it in 2014. while the state of California became the first US state to ban the use of sunbeds for underage teens.

We keep hearing about the negative impacts of ultraviolet (UV) radiation, but many people still expose themselves to these dangerous rays. Tanning, whether on a beach or in a solarium, has harmful consequences to the skin. The main problem with skin damaging by UV rays is that it cumulates over time and, even though we can’t notice it, the damage keeps silently augmenting, which could eventually lead to cancer. Researches show that people who visit tanning beds on a regular basis have a 69% increased chance of getting a skin cancer until their 40s. Furthermore, they are 6 times more likely to develop a skin melanoma in their 20s. Yes, 20s! Kristen C. is one of them. She had been exposing her skin to UV radiation, both naturally and indoor, for many years:

I loved how my skin looked, but I had no idea the harm I was doing. I know for young women like me who love the beach, it can be hard not to want a nice, golden tan.

She is 28 years old and she was diagnosed with skin cancer, precisely the basal cell carcinoma. Thankfully, the surgery she had helped her get rid of cancer. Now she’s spreading an important message:

I immediately stopped using tanning beds, she says. I still love the sun and the beach, but now I won’t step out without SPF 30. This diagnosis helped me realize that it’s not worth the risk.

Keep your health your priority! Avoid using solariums and keep safe from the UV sun rays. All the experts warn about the necessity to seek shade between 10 am and 4 pm, when the sun is most dangerous. We agree with them. Use sunscreen daily and wear sunglasses. Your body will be thanking you!

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