Why new version of Effaclar Duo Cream?

Everyone loved Effaclar Duo, it is not surprising that when there is a new version, we start having doubts. I mean, how many times cosmetic companies on the occasion of the so-called renovation turned our favorite product into something else? I was sceptical and telling myself the well known story, "Why change something that was good?" - and to my surprise it turns out to be even better… how can it be?

The formula remained almost the same, but its brightening properties has been enhanced.

But before uncovering this nice and desirable effect, let's take a look how the nowadays improved Effaclar Duo+ works.


First of all I would like you to understand that the secret of the effectiveness of Effaclar Duo+, is a synergistic effect of the many components that complement each other. And just as LHA cooperates with Salicylic Acid, so Procerad acts in harmony with Niacinamide, etc… Let's first look into "how to use" before diving into components' details.

Who should use it?

Effaclar Duo+ is designed for skin with mild forms of acne, both teens and adults. The product is used for daily, delicate adjustment of skin imperfections. At the same time let’s not forget that such skin needs also periodic stronger treatments like acid peels and retinoid treatments. Effaclar Duo is well suited to sustain the effects after just such treatments.

Interestingly, the formulation can also be used after hair removal or shaving (including men), since it prevents the formation of red pimples after these treatments.

Good news is that it can be used all year round, both for day and night. The concentration of acids is balanced and does not sensitise the skin to the sun, although of course this is an individual matter. Personally I never go out without sunscreen, and I always recommend to all of you to not forget about UVA protection if you use any regulating formulations for acne skin.

And how best to use it? Simple, for oily skin - use Effaclar Duo+ on the entire surface. For the combination skin, use only on oily parts, or t-zone, but also, especially in the case of adult acne on the sides of the face and jaw. You can of course spread the cream on the whole face, just observe if your cheeks do not get too dry.

Combining Effaclar Duo+ with other creams

Can you combine Effaclar Duo+ with other anti-acne formulations? Depending on the needs of the skin and the effect you want to achieve, Effaclar Duo+ can be used both solo or with other dermo-cosmetics. Great effects can be achieved together with Effaclar K, then use one day and one night. If I had to quickly compare two formulations, Effaclar K has more keratolytic effect while Effaclar Duo more anti-inflammatory action.

Last but not least, the creams for acne skin may unduly irritate and dry out, so be sure to moisturise. Always observe the skin and react to their needs, but remember the simplest composition of the moisturising cream while on anti-acne treatment, the better. I am in love with Physiogel creams, both AI and Moisturising line, so whenever I feel my skin is thirsty I reach for this cream:



With my skin, you never know if tomorrow it will get oily with pimples and blackheads, or beautifully clean and fresh. But when I use Effaclar Duo regularly for some period of time during the year, my skin gets balanced and maintains its calm and harmony. I use it as prevention and since then I do observe only ZEN on my skin :) 

If you are willing to get more into details, I invite to 2nd part of this article where I share details about ingredients and their beneficial actions of Effaclar Duo+.


Your turn now, share your stories of Effaclar with me!

Maggie, beauty and nature lover, eager to hear from you.

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