Dexeryl Cream for Xerosis, Atopic Dermatitis, Ichthyosis 8.8 oz

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Julie Gates
Best Cream Ever

I have struggled with Ichthyosis all my life. I’ve tried everything under the sun to try to obtain somewhat normal looking, and feeling, skin; to no avail. Salt baths, exfoliation, expensive oils, creams you name it. Then I found on online ad whilst researching my skin condition and took a chance and ordered it! The cream took a while to get to me but it was so worth the wait.
As soon as it touched my skin, I could feel a coolness. Upon rubbing it in, I felt a softness and silkiness that I only felt occasionally, after doing all the things I described above. The big difference, though, this lasted! For the entire day and throughout the night. Using a small amount each day has allowed my skin to begin healing and looking better than it has in, well I don’t know how long.
If anyone is on the fence regarding whether or not to purchase this product, let me just say: go for it! You won’t be sorry.
Thank you Pierre-Fabre, for a life changing product.

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