4 Beauty Hacks That Will Simplify Your Life

Speaking as a woman I can say, and I'm sure many of you will agree with me, that women throughout the world are expected to look good on any occasion. Even though many of us actually enjoy dressing up and putting makeup on, it's still safe to say that looking good takes up a lot of our time and energy. This is why we could all use some simple beauty hacks to help us look fresh even on our busiest days.

Use a concealer to hide your under-eye bags

Under-eye bags are definitely a number one problem when it comes to desiring fresh, natural look. They make us look tired and sick and we would all like to get rid of them. Whether you have a genetic issue related to this issue or is it simply due to the lack of sleep, this 10-second trick will make these annoying dark circles go away. Get yourself a concealer just a little bit lighter than your skin tone and apply it on your middle eyelid, below the brow, and on the especially delicate area – the V-shaped part of the eye close to your nose. Blend it all gently and achieve a well-rested look!

Fill in your eyebrows right

If you are not lucky enough to have naturally thick and well-shaped eyebrows, here are a few useful tips for you. First of all, find the right product to fill in your brows. Depending on your look and skills, choose amongst eyebrow pencils, powders, gels, pomades, and similar products the one that suits your needs. Also, try tweezing them somewhere outside, like in your car. The natural light will help you do a better job than you would do in your bathroom mirror. If you’re having problems with taming brow hair, put some hairspray on a toothbrush and comb the mischievous hair.

Painting your nails in no time

It is quite desirable for a woman to have her nails clean and neat (as it is for men). But nail polishing can take so much time, especially for the freshly polished nails to dry. And then, regardless of all the caution, they often tend to end up ruined. Here’s a friendly tip that will help you save some time when taking care of them. Simply soak your nails into a bowl of ice and water after painting them. Keep them in for a few minutes. This will help the pain set, which will lead to drying faster.

Vaseline for a longer lasting perfume scent

Smelling good is a very important factor when it comes to attractiveness. An alluring scent will make you leave a clean impression, as it will boost your whole look, even with a minimum make up. Before spraying the perfume onto your skin, apply a bit of Vaseline on the specific points. This will keep the fragrance noticeable way longer because ointment is occlusive.

 There you go! With a minimum effort to a natural and fresh look!

Nessie L.B.

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