Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Many people will agree that chocolate has provided us with comfort during many difficult and stressful periods in our lives. I believe that many women who feel that PMS kicking in will understand this. It is a safe consolation when life lets us down, as it serves as a romance-enhancer in time of need. If you enjoy consuming chocolate, but feel guilty after eating it, we have some good news for you!

First of all, it's important to emphasize that we're talking about dark chocolate containing over 60% of cocoa. These type of chocolate contains a significantly lower amount of sugar than regular milk chocolate. When we talk about health benefits, it's important to mention that dark chocolate provides with far more numerous and better health benefits than processed sweetened chocolate, which actually provides almost none.

One of the most researched and famous health benefits of dark chocolate is its impact on the human heart. There is a strong and proven correlation between consuming chocolate and heart diseases. Over the years there had been many studies that concluded the same thing – consuming dark chocolate on a regular basis can significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases while improving blood flow and circulation as well as regulating blood pressure. One study had shown that if we eat a small amount of dark chocolate more than five times per week, we could decrease the risk of developing heart problems by more than 50%.

Many studies have proven dark chocolate's positive influence on the brain, especially with injuries such as concussion and senility. Furthermore, it releases chemicals that make your brain create endorphins. Basically, this means that eating chocolate makes you feel like you're falling in love! Also, some studies have shown that chocolate consumption improves concentration. So, when preparing for an important exam, supply yourself with a nice 60+ percent cocoa chocolate and enjoy!

Dark chocolate is very rich in antioxidants, which offer numerous benefits to our body. They neutralize the free radicals which damage our bodies in many ways. Their fight against free radicals makes our skin keep its flexibility and softness.

Thanks to its perks such as boosting blood circulation or fighting free radicals, dark chocolate is considered to be a great natural remedy for healthy skin. Flavonols in cocoa protect the skin from harmful sun rays and improve blood flow to our skin, thus improving its structure, softness, and hydration. At the same time, the benefit of fighting free radicals also results in softer and nicer skin.

Other than being rich in antioxidants, dark chocolate contains a high amount of many beneficial nutrients, such as iron, magnesium, copper, zinc, potassium, phosphorus, selenium... Also, it contains lots of monounsaturated fatty acids, which means chocolate actually helps you burn fat and boost metabolism. Dark chocolate has properties that decrease your sugar cravings and make you feel full.

Even though considering everything mentioned above it's safe to say that dark chocolate is very healthy, it is also rich in calories, so excessive consumption still may lead to gaining weight! As with everything, it's important to keep it moderate!

Nessie L.B.


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