Tips on How to Spend a Perfect Day at the Beach

It’s Summer, late July and you are about to hit the beach with your friends or family. No matter how hard you try, often you’ll “facepalm” yourself when you realize that you had forgotten something important. We bring you tips that will make your day at the beach an enjoyable, wonderful and relaxing trip, instead of a stressful experience full of bugs, mosquitos and sunburns.

Do the homework

Before starting your car or buying the bus ticket, you should definitively do the research first. Thanks to the power of the internet and Google, you can easily check online if that place really suits you. For example, if you like peace and quiet at the beach, perfect for relaxing with your favorite book, make sure that you aren’t about to book a holiday at some busy, lively and crowded place packed with beach bars and dusk-till-dawn parties.

If you are traveling with your dog, make sure that our furry best friends are allowed at the beach. There are many dog-friendly beaches, but there are also “no dogs allowed” beaches as well.

If you like water activities such as kayaking, jet-skiing or stand-up paddling, make sure that you aren’t about to visit some secluded beach without an option for such activities. Also, you could check the reviews of the place doing rentals, just to make sure you don’t get scammed.

Protection = perfection

Even though every summer we are bombarded with pieces of advice to stay out of the sun between 10 AM and 4 PM, people just don’t listen. Harmful UVA and UVB rays are not for kidding around! Don’t go sunbathing at 1 pm with no sunscreen on, thinking “I don’t care about cancer warnings, it won’t happen to me” – IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU. Luckily, it won’t happen if you use SPF creams of 30 or higher, depending on the amount of time you’ll spend on the sun, your sensitivity to the sun and the time of the day. Talking about protecting yourself, don’t forget to bring quality UV resistant hats and sunglasses and water shoes if there are sharp rocks at the beach.

Also, be prepared for some emergency situations and bring small first aid kit with you!

Don’t let bad weather surprise you

Make sure that you check the weather forecast regularly. However, we all know that the weather forecast is not always right, so very important thing is to plan ahead plan B activities in case of bad weather. That way your holiday won’t be ruined because you’ll be doing the things you like despite the bad weather!

Nessie L.B.

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