Learn all about stretch marks and how to get rid of them

"Striae", better known by the name "stretch marks" are either pigmented or pale parallel stripes on the body which are caused by rapid stretching of the skin (in particular - the middle layer of the skin that is called dermis). Their color differs from the natural skin color and varies from purple/red to silvery-white. Although they can develop on any part of the skin surface, they most commonly appear on areas that store fat, such as the thighs, buttocks, breasts, abdomen and upper arms. They affect a great number of people, but you have a bigger chance of getting them if you are a woman (of course). As many of you already know, they occur due to sudden weight changes, so the most affected by this irritating appearance are the adolescents going through puberty, pregnant women and basically any person going through body development.

When dieting, it's important to try to keep losing weight steadily, so your skin isn't put under too much strain. Same as when gaining muscles - if skin gets stretched too rapidly it loses collagen and precisely the lack of this protein leads to evolving of these scar-like stripes.

The ugly and unfair truth is that despite taking care of your skin, despite keeping in mind how to act to avoid having these annoying lines, they can still appear on your body. We have the genetics to thank for that. It's proven family history has a big role when it comes to developing stretch marks. That means that if your mother had them, we have bad news for you – odds are that you will have them too at some point of your life.

It's proven that 90% of women gain them during pregnancy. It's one of the main physical changes of the pregnant body. Even though it's nothing to be embarrassed about and some women even carry them with proud, as a "red badge of motherhood", many of them still eager to get rid of them. Don't despair! There are some measures that you can take in order to minimize the appearance of stretch marks, such as laser therapies or home remedies (aloe vera, egg whites, lemon juice, potato juice, sugar…) that tend to make them less noticeable.

There are also some cosmetic products available on the market that provide you with a tight and smooth sensation of the skin. One of them is the Mustala brand – highly recommended by the experts - (and a great number of women that use it) that helps expecting mothers fight away the stretch marks. Mustala cream supports the altering skin and benefits its elasticity in order to fade them. It keeps the skin moisturized and reinforces natural cell renewal which leads to firmer and smoother skin.

The Mustala products are constituted of natural origin ingredients that are characterized by the absence of parabens and phthalates which are suspected to have a bad influence on the health. Aside from that, their other positive traits are the cruelty-free and hypoallergenic feature. Researches show that 96% of women that applied Stretch Marks Double Action on their skin did not develop striae and they happily recommend it to others!




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