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If you’re yearning for the perfect coverage of those annoying bags under your eyes, acne, skin blemishes or any other kind of skin imperfection, this is a make up cover you should know about. The Dermacol brand originated in Prague in 1960 in Barrandov Film Studios. Apart from its worldwide popularity regarding individual use, it is famous for being recognized and approved by famous Hollywood moviemakers and stylists. It is capable of camouflaging any type of undesired skin tone and problems with pigmentation, acne scars, bruises, it can be used as a blemish concealer and it can even cover up tattoos. Dermacol has to thank its immense success to the fact that it was the first product in Europe of its kind and the results of this Make-Up Cover line are so impressive that it’s being used as number one in the film industry since 1969. And it keeps its no.1 status even today. Apart from being favoured in Hollywood, its popularity extends even to the Middle and Near East and it also stays eminent in its homeland, Czech Republic, which is proven by the fact that every fourth cosmetic product sold in the Czech Republic is created by Dermacol.

Enough about history and general information. What we really care about are the specific benefits of this product considering application to one’s skin. It indeed has many positive traits and one of the most known ones is that it is hypoallergenic since its ingredients are 100% natural (or most of their products are), so all of you that tend to have allergic responses to chemicals may stay calm. Furthermore, it even provides your skin with vitamins, minerals and has a sun-protective function. Still, you should always check the label of the product in order to find out the exact components and protect your skin from any unwanted reactions. It’s also recommended to avoid brands that tend to make products which contain paraben – allegedly harmful and bad ingredient which is widely used in cosmetic industry. This one, however, is paraben-free.

Dermacol Make-up Cover is the perfect corrector for any skin type. It will provide you with optimal results when used both with sensitive, problematic or dry skin, as well as if your skin is normal and young. Other positive traits are its long lasting, oil-free and waterproof features that will help the user keep the look they desire all day long and during any weather conditions. This Make-Up Cover can also be applied to the whole skin surface since its numerous beneficial characteristics are equally good for your body. It offers its users an optimal coverage and outstanding pigmentation with natural look results.

As we all know, many cosmetic brands experiment on animals before putting their products on the market. Dermacol products are not tested on animals, so don’t worry, none of our furry friends were harmed for cosmetic purposes.
Regarding packaging, it comes in a little toothpaste look-a-like tube that might seem rather small, but don’t let the size fool you! It takes only a drop of this super pigmented cream for a full coverage and magnificent results.
Other than skin care, Dermacol family provides its clients with hair and body care products as well.

Nessie L.B.

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