Natural solutions for under-eye bags

Do your baggy eyes make you feel old and tired? Although it is rarely a cause for any alarm or medical attention, we would all like to know the solution for under eye puffiness. There are many natural ways to get rid of it, but first of all, let’s find out why it even occurs. The most common cause is – ageing. As years pass by, the skin around eyes tends to weaken and sag which leads to water retention beneath the eyes. This causes the eyes to seem swollen and puffy.  So, how to get rid of this annoying condition?

There are many cosmetic brands that provide the market with a vast number of solutions based on chemical ingredients, but if you prefer natural remedies - there are plenty of them. To start with, you should try the natural countermeasures such as chamomile tea, sliced cucumbers, tomatoes, raw potatoes, etc.

 As mentioned above, under-eye bags are  caused by water retention, so the obvious  solution for this problem would be keeping  your body well hydrated. So, drink water! It  takes at least 8-10 glasses of water a day to  obtain a good hydration of the body. Also, in  order to reduce water retention in the body, avoid the consumption of salt.

Chamomile tea

Regarding chamomile tea, this is one of the simplest ways to get rid of puffy eyes. It generally helps with the inflammation, but is especially helpful for the eyes, thanks to its beneficial properties. Just boil the water, put the chamomile bag in it and let it cool down thoroughly. Then put it on the eyes. You can even dip the cotton pads in the chilled milk and apply it to your eyelids in order for it to soothe your tired eyes.


Put a raw potato in the refrigerator for a couple minutes and then slice it in two halves which you will use to gently massage your puffy eyes. Leave it like that for 15-20 minutes and you’ll notice the relief instantly.


 You’ve probably heard of this solution  before. Cucumbers are an excellent  solution for tired eyes. Do the same as  with the potato, cool it down a bit and  then put the two sliced pieces on your  eyes and relax while they relieve the  fatigue you’ve accumulated the past  week. You can leave the cucumbers a  bit longer, for about 25 minutes.



In order to reduce the swelling around the eyes, mix the vitamin E oil with chilled water and dip the cotton pads in it and apply it on your eyes.

Cold spoons

This is a simple solution to this problem, but, surprisingly, quite effective. All you need to do is to put 5-6 spoons in the refrigerator and let them cool down for 5-6 minutes. Then hold the round part of the spoon against the eye until it warms up. After that, replace it with another cold spoon.



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