With healthy lifestyle to beautiful teeth!

With proper oral hygiene and care your teeth can stay healthy and beautiful throughout your whole life. Healthy teeth make us feel more comfortable while smiling, talking and laughing and boost our self-esteem. But not only you need to take care of them for esthetic reasons, neglecting oral hygiene may lead to serious health issues in general. 

Having poor dental hygiene can and most probably will result in a variety of medical problems, such as gum disease, tooth decay, bone loss, and it can even lead to heart disease, stroke and more!

Cavities or tooth decay is commonly caused by dental plaque, a sticky, colorless deposit on teeth which happens when a person doesn’t take good care of their teeth and the bacteria starts clinging to them. Gum disease can also be responsible for the teeth cavities.

Fluoride toothpaste helps prevent these problems! The Blanx brand offers you non-abrasive whitening toothpaste which has proven to eliminate the stains from tooth enamel that food, drinking and smoking cause. Its main ingredient, arctic lichen, penetrates deeply in the teeth and removes any harmful residues. It also eliminates the bacteria that sticks to enamel. It’s also recommended considering the esthetic level, as it restores the teeth whiteness.

Gum disease is the common name for infections that attack the gums and bones that hold the teeth. The longer the plaque stays on your teeth, the bigger the chance of tartar evolving. It’s a hard covering that harms the teeth which cannot be cleaned by brushing. It leads to gingivitis – the inflammation of the gums. When this happens, your gums start to bleed and your breath starts to smell bad. The next stage, periodontitis, is irreversible and leads to teeth loss. To prevent this, use Lacalut aktiv, a toothpaste which has demonstrated to strengthen the gums and reduce the plaque.

In order to keep away the dental and other diseases, it’s quite important to visit your dentist regularly and to keep your teeth and mouth clean by choosing healthy daily habits!  




∙ Brush properly! – the first step to a beautiful smile is brushing. Brush your teeth minimally twice a day. For optimal results wash them after every meal, using small circular motion. Use a soft toothbrush, the Swiss Curaprox is highly recommended by the experts, as they are designed to be gentle on the gums and tough on the plaque. It’s the best option for those with sensitive gums and will provide the profound cleaning of the inaccessible areas. Don’t press too hard the toothbrush, as only the tips of the toothbrush actually clean the tooth. Move the toothbrush in the adequate angle in order to reach all sides of the tooth.

∙ Floss! – flossing will help you get rid of the food and plaque in the areas between the teeth that the toothbrush bristles cannot reach. It’s recommended to floss at least once a day. Floss between and around each tooth with the floss forming a C-shape around the tooth. Be careful not to injure the gums, floss easily!

∙ Rinse your mouth! – although it’s not a strict necessity, mouth washing is definitely a bonus aside brushing and flossing. Mouthwashes help to maintain the bacteria in your mouth and provide you with fresh breath and strong teeth.



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