Smooth away the cellulite by summer with this simple DIY trick!

Did you know that even models are having problems avoiding these annoying dimples? Even the best of us encounter this irritating problem! Dermatologists state that 90% of the female population at some point in their lives suffer from orange peel syndrome, a.k.a. cellulite.

Lots of women are willing to try clinical treatments to solve this problem. But if you're not that into paying laser, suction or radio-frequency procedures, we have good news! There are also much simpler solutions and natural remedies that actually work!


Do you like coffee? Ever tried applying it to your legs? As weird as it sounds, this method has proven to be rather effective in the treatment of cellulite appearance. Caffeine is the cellulitis biggest enemy. It performs the function of a stimulant whose purpose is to improve the circulation and to temporarily dilate the blood vessels after which the tissue tightens. Another positive trait of caffeine is the reduction of water reservation in the body which results in the smoother skin that will also be thanking you for the benefits of its antioxidant effect. Due to its numerous advantages, today exist innumerable recipes regarding coffee scrubs among which you can find your perfect kind. They originated from combining coffee with various natural ingredients. One of the most popular ones is the combination of coffee and coconut oil since they're both rich in antioxidants.


1 cup of fresh coffee grounds

3 tablespoons of sugar

½ cup of melted coconut oil


Microwave briefly the coconut oil in order to get it to a liquid state and let it cool down a bit, but don't let it solidify! Then just mix it with coffee grounds and sugar until it forms a paste-like consistency and store it in a mason jar. And you're all set! The coffee and sugar will provide your skin with an amazing exfoliation and the coconut oil will keep it moisturized and smooth. For optimal results use the scrub at least 2-3 times a week.

The only downside to using a coffee scrub in fighting cellulite is that this solution is only temporary.

Another beauty tip: you can also use coffee scrub for facial exfoliation! As the caffeine improves blood circulation, it results in reduced eye puffiness and silky soft skin. The coconut oil will provide your skin with vitamin E and prevent premature wrinkling.

Even though the occurrence of cellulite is severely related to genetics, you can still fight it by choosing a healthy lifestyle. Reduce the food rich in fat and carbohydrates and infiltrate your body with fibers and proteins. Drink a lot of water! Put aside tight clothes and wear comfortable garments in order to free your blood flow. Furthermore, try to avoid consuming more than 3 caffeinated beverages per day (coffee, green tea, energy drinks…) because, although applying coffee locally can help you against cellulite, overdrinking it can become a factor in causing it. Especially since energy drinks are replete with sugar that causes fat increase.


Nessie L.B.

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