The Benefits of Swimming

During summer it can be quite hard to keep or start having a habit of exercising. It's too hot, the heat takes so much energy and you feel sweaty just by breathing, let alone if you start doing some serious physical activity. Plus, summertime is the perfect period for holidays, who has the time to work out when there are so many things that need to be done – from beaching and drinking cocktails, to clubbing and visiting nice restaurants. If you've been feeling guilty due to all mentioned above, we have good news for you: swimming is an activity that actually has LOTS of positive impacts on your mind and body. We've listed 8 reasons why swimming is good for you that will make you want to stay at the beach the whole day!

  1. Full body workout

While swimming, your whole body participates in the activity. Every muscle in your body takes part in swimming. Furthermore, working out in the sea or water takes more energy than exercising on land (some studies show that half an hour in the water is worth 45 outside!).

  1. Anti-stress therapy

Whether it's your job, family or anything else, it is a fact that many things in everyday life lead to stress, which takes so much of our health and energy. It is proven that swimming on a regular basis reduces stress, anxiety and depression. It also helps with improving your sleeping habits.

  1. Builds the muscle and strength

As we mentioned before, swimming is a full body workout. So, as you probably notice while e.g.running, your legs do most of the work, during swimming not only your legs work, but also arms, back and stomach. This is why swimming is great for building muscles and strength.

  1. Burning calories

Swimming is known to be one of the best ways to burn calories. It takes double the time spent walking to achieve the same results as while swimming. 30 minutes of gentle swim can burn over 200 calories!

  1. Boosts the energy

Amongst many other reasons, inactivity and aging cause a lack of energy. Half an hour of swimming a few times a week causes your metabolic rate to increase, thus leading to increasing the energy level.

  1. Improves asthma caused by working out

Some people have trouble catching a breath while exercising. Unlike exercising in a gym, swimming makes you breath moist air while working out. Some studies have shown that swimming improves lung health in general.

  1. Great for skin

If you swim regularly in the sea water, you've probably noticed lots of improvements when it comes to skin. It helps the skin to keep the moisture, which boosts cell growth.

  1. Aids flexibility

All the reaching, pulling, twisting and stretching in the water helps your body to increase its flexibility. In addition, it is great for people who have joint problems, arthritis, or any other injuries.

As you can conclude, swimming is great for many reasons! Other than the mentioned above, it is also great for your heart because it increases the heart rate without stressing the body!

 Nessie L.B.


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