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Even though today all you need to do to have beautiful nails, or hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, etc. is to visit the nearest cosmetic salons, it is quite important to keep taking care of them properly. Pay attention to your nails because they could be signaling you about some serious health issues you may be experiencing without even knowing.

A change of coloring, a bump, a rippling or thickening can be an indication of kidney issues, diabetes, anemia, heart infections or lung disease, and even of the presence of a certain poison. If you notice a significant change in color, shape, thickness or texture of a nail, or notice anything unusual at all, you should visit a dermatologist and check it out.

We recommend you the finest products we picked out for keeping your nails healthy and beautiful.

  1. Nailner Repair Brush

YouMedical provides its users with a set of high-quality products suitable for resolving fungal infections. One of them is the Nailner Repair Brush which treats nail fungus by saturating the keratin layer of the nail and lowering the pH of the infected nail. Each brush contains approximately 250 single applications and allows an easy and natural application. Nailner products have proven to create an unfavorable environment to the disadvantage of the fungus, thereby treating onychomycosis. It is clinically proven: to deliver 95% effectiveness in removing the fungal infection when used for a period of 12 weeks. Still, it may take longer before the nail will look completely healthy because the nail must grow out first although this depends on the size of the nail as well as the state of infection. The regrowth period can last up to 12 months.

  1. Nailner Repair Spray

Nailner Repair comes in a spray applicator which is easy to use with no spillage and contains 300 applications. The impact is visible within a few weeks. It is clinically tested and a natural and patented product which fights nail fungus at its source. It is supplied in an easy way to use the spray of which the patented carrier system actively helps the ingredients to saturate the nail in order to bring the active ingredients to the core of the problem. The product can be used to treat onychomycosis (nail fungus) which is an infection of the nail which results in a dull brittle nail often accompanied by a discolored yellow/brown nail bed. It can occur in both toes and fingers but is more common in toes.

  1. Nailner Repair Pen

The handy pen allows an easy and quick application. Each pen contains approximately 400 single applications. It is also great for treating onychomycosis by lowering the pH of the infected nail. The impact is commonly visible within a few weeks.

After obtaining your nails health with Nailner, P-Shine Japanese Manicure Kit will provide your nails with an optimal manicure secret discovered by Japanese aristocrat women 400 years ago. As for them, this product will provide your nails with a fragile radiance of uncommon pink pearl. Based simply on a vitamin paste and a shine powder, P-shine introduces a unique new manicure finishing process which gives the same legendary blush and strength to nails naturally and without the need for nail polish or synthetic chemicals.

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